CANADA Euro License Plate Set
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CANADA Euro License Plate Set

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This authentic Embossed CANADA / CANADIAN Euro license plate comes with the mounting frame and 2 random gegistration decals.

Choose up to 9 charcters including spaces.

The following symbols are available: #  @  $  !  .  ,  -  

Umlauts ( 2 dots over the letters A, E, O, or U ) are also avaialble. Use the "Special Notes" section to let us know if you would like Umlauts and where to place them).


Tag Details:

  • fully embossed text and border
  • choose your text color
  • reflective plate
  • measures 20.5" x 4.5"
  • includes ABS black plastic frame
  • includes 2 random registration decals

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